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We here at Visual Impact have become renowned for our high quality acrylic signs. However, a lot of our customers come knowing very little about why acrylic is a perfect option to have your sign made from. We know that it’s important to have the right signage to market your business, and the material it’s made out of is just as important as the colour, font, and image.

So, why is acrylic a great option?

Acrylic is extremely versatile, but durable. What this means from a sign perspective is that it can be used in a whole host of different environments and can stand the test of time. Acrylic can make a sleek, sophisticated sign with a glossy finish which enhances professionalism. The signs can also be used both indoor and outdoor, which enhances the versatility.

Acrylic signs can be fully customised, they have the ability to be moulded into any desired shape, which is ideal for grabbing passer-by’s attention. This means your logo and brand can be designed with ease, and allow customers, and potential customers to recognise your business on the high street. They can be made using a variety of colours, again perfect for achieving the exact look you want. 3D signage is also an option, as it can be layered increasing the thickness of the acrylic.

Signs made from acrylic can be easily displayed and can be done in a variety of ways. They can be wall mounted using screw caps, or standoff, which creates the impression that the sign is raised from the wall.

They work particularly well as directional signs, office door signs, informational signs and illuminated signs which are also an incredibly popular option. The versatility makes it a very popular choice for businesses, not to mention being a great value for money.

Visual Impact is based in Wakefield and provides interior and exterior signage. We also install a wide range of vehicle displays to ensure you achieve the maximum effect. We know how important it is to give the right sign to your customers, so why not do that with the right sign? Call us today on 01924 271619 or contact us here.

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