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Design Tips to Create Signs That Attract Customers

Signs outside your business are undoubtedly an effective way to attract customers inside. In the case of a retail space, which are entirely reliant on footfall, the quality and effectiveness of any sign can, quite literally, make or break your business.

At Visual Impact we have been making signs for over 20 years. We know as well anyone the importance of a well-made, properly placed sign. This is why we offer a complete end-to-end sign manufacturing process, which includes aid in designing your perfect sign.

When you contact us to make your sign we will discuss your needs and budget, we will then advise and help design the sign that is right for you. Some things to consider when designing a sign include:

The Size and Style of the Font Used
A good sign communicates your brand values as well as the product or service you are offering. Therefore, it is vital that the text you use is legible and clear by paying careful attention to font style and size. Choose one that is easy and big enough to read, and make sure writing is in a contrasting colour to the background of the sign.

Think Carefully About Any Images Being Used
They say a picture paints a thousand words, so if you use one on your sign it is important that it matches your brand image and accurately conveys the message you are trying to put across. Not all images translate well to a large, acrylic sign, but the design team at visual Impact can help with this during the design process.

Get Someone to Proof Read It Before It Goes to Print
This point cannot be stated enough. Even if the sign is very basic, check it and check it again. No matter how well made, a sign with errors in will put off customers rather than attract them. If need be get several people to read over any text that will be featured in your sign.

Visual Impact are one of the longest established and most successful sign makers in Wakefield, and Yorkshire. We offer a wide range of products and a complete end to end service. To find out more about our range of indoor and outdoor signage please get in touch today on 01924 271619 or contact us here.

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