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The Importance of Annual Checks

At Visual Impact we build our signs to last. When you approach us we will not just blindly fulfil your order, we will discuss your needs with you, to try and build the best sign possible for you.

A lot of manufacturing has moved overseas, but Visual Impact are staunch advocates of UK manufacturing, and we still make everything we sell in-house in our facility in Wakefield.

This means our signs are produced to standards that few can rival; we build our signs to last.

However, this does not mean that our signs are fit and forget items. Like most things in life, you need to put a bit of care into them, to get the most out of them.

At Visual Impact we recommend you regularly clean your sign. By doing so it will simply shine brighter and look better – giving a better first impression of your business.

But, while you are there, it is definitely worth giving it a once over to check for any structural defects that may have developed.

There are two ways of carrying out such a check, the first is visually. Simply thoroughly look your sign over. Try and look for rust, corrosion and general wear. And, while it is unlikely that there will be any, keep an eye out for cracks and splits in the brackets and where the brackets meet the sign. These are the points of greatest stress and if the sign was to fail completely it would be there.

The next is a physical test. If you didn’t notice anything during the visual test, simply grasp a part of the sign, and gently wiggle it back and forth. If there are any issues then there may be some play or unusual noises.

If, when undertaking either of these tests, you notice that something is awry, then call Visual Impact immediately. A faulty or broken sign can be a very serious hazard. It is not an understatement to say that, when they have fallen from their mountings, signs have killed people before. While this is obviously tragic, it can also be very costly and easily justifies spending 10 minutes up a ladder giving your sign a once over.

Visual Impact offer a sign repair and maintenance service in which we can carry out these checks and repair any damage we find. To find out more just call us on 01924 271 619.

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