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The Importance of Fonts in Signage

People tend not to think too deeply into fonts and often dismiss them as they feel they aren’t all that important. When running a business, however, the font you choose for your signs can have a massive impact on the image you’re creating for the company.

Good signage and a good font can help you stand out from the rest by showcasing the quality and authenticity of your business. There are a wide range of different fonts available and each has its own, individual characteristic so that you can choose one best suited to your company.

Different fonts serve different purposes. For example, traditional fonts such as ‘Times New Roman’ present a more professional, sophisticated look. These fonts tend to be used on websites and newsletters, however some companies tend to use them for their signage as well as they reflect a uniform type business and tidiness – executing a more professional look.

Modern fonts tend to be more popular amongst newer businesses, as they provide a quirky and more original look which is perfect for catching the attention of new customers. More artistic looking fonts will grab the attention of those passing by your property as opposed to those with plain jane fonts. The more original the sign, the more attention it will get.

Fonts can play a huge part in the development of your business as it’s how you are choosing to brand yourself and your company. By having a set font throughout, on signs, websites and newsletters etc. you are showing your clients and customers consistency, portraying a trustworthy look and feel to your company.

At Visual Impact we are always urging our clients to thoroughly think through what it Is exactly that they want to gain from their signage – whether that be to widen their client base, bring in new customers or investors. It’s important that you get it right so that your business can continue thriving for many years to come, and we love helping clients out during the process. Get in touch today for a quote on 01924 271619.

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