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The Negative Effects of Bad Signage

Signage is a great way to communicate your brand when used correctly. It should tell customers about the product or service you offer, inspire confidence in your business and encourage clients to act. Unfortunately, when signage is not designed properly or looks tacky, it can have the opposite effect with people discouraged by a lack of professionalism or care. Here are some things to avoid:

Incorrect spelling and grammar

Incorrect spelling and punctuation is a sure way to put potential customers off. A lack of proofreading suggests that as a company you are not competent as well as do not take time and care to check things. Before getting your sign printed it is therefore essential to get someone you trust to proof it for you to avoid expensive mistakes.

Faded or weathered signs

If the signage you have is fairly old or has been subjected to the weather, chances are it is looking a bit faded and tatty. This is especially common with material signs which can fade in the sun or get battered by the wind. When this happens it is time to replace them. Old, worn signs send out a message that you do not care about your business, what it looks like to the public and how it may be perceived, things which are going to send customers looking elsewhere.

Outdated signs

Another way to put off potential clients is with out-of-date signage. Easter offers in the summer? Or Halloween posters still on display at Christmas? These things suggest that your business is not keeping up with the calendar, is disorganised and may not be trusted to deliver products or services on time, which is not the impression you want to give.

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