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The Principles of POS

Here at Visual Impact, one of our specialities includes the manufacture of Point of Sale displays, also known as POS. These displays are often found in industries such as food service, supermarkets and clothing retail, with the common purpose to advertise a specific product, deal, or service. To fulfil this purpose, there are specific principles that effective POS should follow to generate the Return on Investment required.

Attention Grabbing:

Commanding the attention of the customer is the first stage of good POS. How your business chooses to do this is up to you. Along with the brand identity of your business, the location of your POS display will determine what colours, words, or images you use to grab the attention of the public. Bright and bold colours might look appealing but may not fit within the branding of your business – the main task here is to use the attention and generate interest.


Depending upon the size and location of your display, having too many words is an instant turn off for your customers; PVC shelf talkers will likely contain less information than a 6ft stand featuring a new product. Some displays may have no words at all, whereas others may include no images, as long as the method you choose manages to maintain the attention and interest of the consumer, and convert it into a desire.

Call to Action:

This may be as simple as “Available Now!” or “Ask a colleague for more information”, or simply an arrow pointing in the direction of the till point. This stage of the display should generate the desire for the product into an action, whether it’s asking for help, or picking it up and going to the till. It is unlikely that the information within shelf talkers, barkers, or ticket holders will contain this information, however it is important that they convey the same message that the larger POS displays do.

Visual Impact specialise in manufacturing signage for multiple purposes and locations, including exterior building signagevehicle livery, and Point of Sale display cases. These are essential components in advertising the products or service of your business, or simply getting the voice of your brand heard. We can produce display cases for exclusive products, acrylic displays including window vinyls, and pavement signs. To get in contact about any one of these services, or for more information about our signage repair services, call us on 01924 27161.

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