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Trends in Signage to Look Out For

Similar to fashion, interior design and other sectors, sign-making is an industry that is influenced by changing trends. This means that customers will constantly seek inspiration and advice from elsewhere, which will inevitably influence their requirements when contacting a manufacturer. As one of Wakefield’s leading sign makers, Visual Impact also have to be aware of the trends in signage. Below is a small list of some recent trends we have seen emerge.

Industrial and Rustic Signage:

You may have witnessed restaurants or coffee shops with understated metallic and rusty signage across the front. Nowadays this is not due to neglect and wear and tear; industrial rustic signs are becoming increasingly popular in an age surrounded by modern looking digital signage.

Rustic Signage

This contrast to modernity means that rustic signs help a business stand out among the crowd due to its focus on a traditional industrial feel. Businesses that could benefit from this include pubs, themed restaurants and themed coffee shops.

Building Wraps:

This can include all, or just part of your building, but building wraps have the potential to tell a story about your company or business. In addition to this, a printed or vinyl wrap can present an alternative to a traditional paint job, likewise you would paint your brand story on the side of your building. The options this provides are countless, however it is important to ensure you choose the location of your design carefully so that they are clearly visible to passers-by. Another advantage is that they can cover damaged parts of your building exterior, or even turn it into a special message.


Whilst you may regularly find lights installed shop front signage in Wakefield, the style and formation in which they are installed is changing. Many customers are opting for smaller LED lights within the text of the sign.

Nightclub Sign

Nightclubs often opt for retro hanging LED displays, showcasing a trending joke or meme.

Nevertheless, these are the trends affecting traditional and modern commercial signage. It is likely that walking the streets of Wakefield city centre, you could start to notice one or two of these in place. At Visual Impact, we look forward to continuing our craft as one of Wakefield’s homegrown sign makers.

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